I am not who I am I AM who I am going to be

Every day we wake up and share with people the story of our past.   I am overweight because it is in my genes.  I am an engineer because I went to university to become an engineer.  I work hard because I love to work.  I hate managing money because my parents would scrimp and save each penny.   I hate to write because I was terrible in high school English.  I am …. you get the picture.  


We live in a world where we are constantly describing our past to people.  This happens in an interview for a new job.   With family, friends, and colleagues over coffee.   We tell ourselves when we don’t do something because I am.  We tell ourselves when we get up in the morning and make choices throughout the day because I am.   We tell ourselves when things go wrong or right because I am.   This telling of ourselves who we are keeps us doing the same thing over and over again.  I am who I am.


The key to successful people is they stop being who they were and start being who they want to be.   They get up each day and read something new.   They try to do things differently, live differently.   They build the muscle of being someone new.   They create their future and are who they are going to be.


Today I set a challenge, consider who you want to be.   Ask yourself, what would I do if I am that person?   How would I do those things?   How would I feel?   How would it bring me love and happiness?   Look at yourself in the mirror, smile, feel the joy and state who the new you is today.  Start describing yourself daily as “I AM….who I am going to be!”