Power of  You

This custom training is designed to help your team look inside themselves to determine their strengths in a team building way.  The training covers the following topics:

1. Gratitude

2. Strength Identification

3. Inner - Self Awareness

4. Taking Action

5. Love, Life and Contribution


Custom Training

Nancy has developed training, team buildings and workshops for most of her professional life.  She managed a $5 Million project to upgrade all the Operator training at an Oil Refinery.   Nancy will work with you to define the skills you want to achieve and the outcomes from a training session for your team.


Coaching Post Training

Nancy believes that Coaching Post Training is an effective way to integrate training into your work force.  Many employees leave training sessions and several days later do not know how to implement the training into their work, or determine they are too busy to fit it in.  Combining coaching with training, facilitates the employees to determine their own path and way to implement ideas they have learned into their day to day tasks.    


For more information regarding Training Programs right for your work force, please contact me by "Taking Action".