career change

Are you unhappy, lost your motivation or want to try something new and don't know what you want to do?   Career Transition Coaching will help you find the clarity you need, discover the little things that you love about your current work, and help put you on the next step to a move within your current company, or transition to a new opportunity.

Nancy uses her curiosity to help you to discover your strengths, skills and desires to for an incredible career in her one on one career coaching sessions.

Loss of work

A loss of a job can be difficult and sometimes devastating.   Are you asking yourself, how did I go wrong?  How am I going to pay the bills?  What will everyone think of me?

Don't worry; you are not alone!   You have excellent skills within you, and there is a great opportunity out there for you.

Career Coaching is designed to help you transition from your old position to a new and exciting job.   Nancy will help you discover the traits within you that make you an excellent candidate for your next position, or maybe, you will want to start your own business.  

Return to work

Have you taken time off work to support your family or go to school?  Are you a new Mom or Dad who is looking to return to the workforce and have a big gap in your resume?

Let Nancy help you with your career transition, by learning the skills you developed while being off from work, such as time management and communication.  As well, Coaching can assist you in determining your work-life balance requirements for your new career choices.  


Are you looking to retire, or have retired and have energy to contribute to society?  Are you looking to use of your unique skill and experience in finding something fulfilling and meaningful in your retirement years.     

Retirement is the fun years of our lives, where we can do anything we want.   That can be through working part-time, consulting or volunteering, or anything you can dream.  You are full of skills, knowledge and experience that only  you have achieved.   Let Nancy help you find the right balance in fun and contribution to make your retirement amazing.